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INNOVA MF/MS – Fancy yarn machine (Spinning machine for the production of fancy yarns)

INNOVA is a machine designed and built to produce specialty high quality fancy yarns. Innova can process yarn (Model MF) or roving/finishing (Models MS1-2). Thanks to the modularity of the project, a single machine can produce yarns from yarn to roving/finishing and also ... Learn more

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OPTIMA/OPTIMA eco – Chenille yarn machines (Spinning machine for the production of fine chenille yarns- Chenille cut machine)

OPTIMA is a machine designed and built to produce standard and slub/flamè chenille yarns. Can manage count up to 18 Nm ( 500 Den ) and it can also produce chenille slub randomize. The OPTIMA produces different yarn every 4 cops and thanks to the new mechanical little frame... Learn more

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ROTOSoft – High Bulky yarn machine (spinning machine for the production of high-bulk yarns)

ROTOsoft is a machine designed and built to produce high bulky yarn. The ROTOsoft was born from the continuous research of Giesse and the experience accumulated over the years for fancy and chenille yarn machines up to design a new machine that would produce an innovative yarn was the ROTOSOFT. The ROTOSOFT can ... Learn more

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OPTIMAWrap – Chenille yarn machine production of chenille yarn (Winding machine for the production of wrap chenille yarns – Direct take up on cone chenille machine)

OPTIMA wrap is a machine designed and built to produce wrap chenille yarn. The OPTIMA wrap is the only chenille machine that direct take up in cone the chenille yarn and check it during the manufacturing process. Quality control of the yarn is made by optical sensors (CMC – link CMC ) mounted ... Learn more

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G2010/5 – Continuous steaming machine for chenille treatment (Finishing machine to increase the roundness and softness of the chenille yarn)

The continuous steaming mod G 2010/5 was designed and built for the treatment of chenille yarns, especially for Polyester chenille yarn, but is capable to treat natural fibers as well as, artificial or synthetic fibers. With the treatment by continuous steaming mod. G 2010/5 chenille ... Learn more

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