OPTIMAWrap – Chenille yarn machine production of chenille yarn (Winding machine for the production of wrap chenille yarns – Direct take up on cone chenille machine)

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OPTIMA wrap is a machine designed and built to produce wrap chenille yarn. The OPTIMA wrap is the only chenille machine that direct take up in cone the chenille yarn and check it during the manufacturing process. Quality control of the yarn is made by optical sensors (CMC – link CMC) mounted on the machine. The advantages of this machine are countless and chenille here below there list the most importants:

  • Total elimination of the winding department, is no longer necessary to wind chenille yarn produced by the winding machine!!!
  • Control of yarn quality by optical sensors (CMC – link CMC) during the manufacturing process of the chenille.
  • Production speed about double compared to a traditional chenille machine.
  • Reduced manpower almost 50%.
  • Greater resistance of the yarn produced, which results to be particularly suitable for weaving.


Ongoing research into original and innovative systems for the production of fancy yarns, in particular “chenille”, led to the design and construction of the OPTIMAWrap.

The OPTIMAWrap is an innovative machine that doubles chenille production by winding it with a continuous thread and winding-up it on winder tubes.

The chenille produced at double speed in comparison with a traditional machine is wound-up directly on the winder tubes and qualitatively controlled during the manufacturing process by means of optical photocells produced by GIESSE.

The yarn consists of two basic elements: the chenille of any type up to count 16 Nm, and a continuous binding filament which winds and binds the chenille.

La ciniglia è prodotta con la affermata testina GIESSE (Patented), ed avvolta con filo continuo tramite fuso cavo (Hollow-spindle), e raccolta in rocche.


  • In one single passage the chenille is produced, checked and wound-up on winder tubes. (Finished product ready for weaving).
  • Doubling of production and elimination of the winding department.
  • Reduction of labour costs per Kg of product.
  • Reduction of energy consumption per Kg of product (greater than 10% in function of yarn type).

The machine is modular: subdivided into modules of 8 combined tubes up to a maximum of 15 sections (120 spools). The electronic drive and control system, positioned on the main head, controls each section of 4 cones (2 per module) independently from the others so that different work processes may proceed on different sections.


  • Quality control of the yarn during the formation process
  • Easy management of yarn production parameters (memorization recipes)
  • Optimisation of the production parameters with ongoing adjustment thereof.
  • Reduction of energy consumption per kilo of product.
  • Elimination of production discards.
  • Elimination of winding department

Technical Specifications

  • Gauge: 180 mm
  • Number of spindles per module: 8
  • Maximum number of spindles per machine: 120
  • Sizes of spindle tubes: diam. 62 mm x 230 mm, diam. 73 mm x 230 mm Conicity 5°
  • Range of producible counts: up to 16 Nm
  • Range of twists: up to 1,500 T/m
  • Maximum mechanical speed of the machine: 30 m/min
  • Production speed: in function of yarn type
  • Top speed of hollow-spindle: 14,000 rpm
  • Installed power: 2.8 kW/module
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