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OPTIMA is a machine designed and built to produce standard and slub/flamè chenille yarns. Can manage count up to 18 Nm ( 500 Den ) and it can also produce chenille slub randomize. The OPTIMA produces different yarn every 4 cops and thanks to the new mechanical little frame has a significant reduction of maintenance compared to traditional machines for chenille. The OPTIMA, version – eco, features motorized spindles which reduce the electricity consumption of the machine up to a 40% than the standard version of the OPTIMA. With the motorized spindle customer have the advantage of a considerable reduction of the consumption of electrical energy and also a drastic reduction in noise. The motorized spindle of the OPTIMA model - eco does not have transmission belts, idlers and bearings to transmit the motion to the spindles, so maintenance is almost close to zero in addition to having a very high precision of rotation of the spindles.


OPTIMA is a machine designed and built to produce traditional chenille yarn, wound-up on spindle tubes.

The chenille is produced with the well-established GIESSE (Patented) head, twisted with a ring-cursor system and wound on a spindle spool.

In the version OPTIMA rotation of the spindles is driven by a tangential belt one every four spindles.

La versione OPTIMAEco ha le stesse caratteristiche tecnologiche della OPTIMA mentre i fusi sono motorizzati individualmente con i seguenti vantaggi:

  • Maximum precision in controlling the speed of each individual spindle, independently of the weight of the cop.
  • Elimination of components of mechanical drive of the spindles and the ventilation produced by the tangential belts.
  • Improvement of yarn quality.
  • Reduction of energy consumption per Kg of product (up to 20% in function of yarn type).

The machine is modular: subdivided into sections of 8 working positions (spindles) up to a maximum of 19 sections (152 spindles).

The electronic driving and control system, positioned on the main head, controls each section of four spindles independently from the others to allow different work processes on the various sections.


  • Easy management of yarn production parameters with memorization of the work process recipes.
  • Optimisation of the production parameters with ongoing adjustment thereof.
  •  Reduction of energy consumption per kilo of product.
  • Reduction of production discards.

Technical Specifications

  • Gauge: 160 mm
  • Number of spindles per module: 8
  • Maximum number of spindles per machine: 152
  • Sizes of spindle tubes: 36 mm x 30 mm x 457 mm, cone 80 mm (On request to Customer’s design)
  • Ring type and diameter: Conical Type 115 mm (4.5”), 127 mm (5.5”)
  • Range of producible counts: up to 16 Nm
  • Range of twists: from 150 to 1500 T/m
  • Maximum mechanical speed of machine: 20 m/min
  • Production speed: in function of yarn type
  • Maximum spindle speed: 8,500 rpm
  • Installed power: 2.3 kW/module
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