Set up in 1960 for the mechanical working of moulds for thermoplastic materials and valve seats for marine engines, from the early seventies the GIESSE GROUP began to make its name in the textile machinery sector with the design and production of innovative machines for the production of fancy yarns, in particular “chenille”.

Today the GIESSE GROUP is the most qualified manufacturer of machinery for fancy yarns and chenille: modular, electronically controlled and of high energy efficiency.

The GIESSE GROUP owns international patents for mechanical and electronic components which make their machinery unique for product quality, energy efficiency and reduced production and maintenance costs.

A capillary network of technical and technological assistance and a rapid spares supply service always guarantees users maximum efficiency and production continuity.

Service, Consultancy and Training

The GIESSE GROUP offers itself not only as supplier of machinery but also as a partner of its Customers for:

  • Technical, mechanical and electronic service for installed machines.
  • Technological consultancy for optimizing the use of machinery.
  • Reconditioning and updating of installed machinery in order to maintain it in full efficiency.
  • Mechanical, electronic and technological training courses for upgrading the qualifications of the Customer’s personnel.

Research and Development

The GIESSE GROUP is famous for its know-how in the design and production of machines for fancy yarns, in particular “chenille”, and for the high quality of the machines produced.

All the machines are the outcome of considerable investments in R&D and of collaboration with the major customers and specialised bodies such as the Department of Mechanics and Industrial Technology at the University of Florence and the Buzzi Institute of Prato.

Know-How and Innovation

The GIESSE GROUP is by vocation committed to collaboration with Customers for the development of a specific technological know-how regarding fancy yarns, and in particular chenille and high-bulk.

Technological know-how is flanked by ongoing research for innovative technical solutions: in particular in the field of integration and fusion of the performances of mechanical components and electronic systems. The aim is to offer Customers new solutions to their problems of quality and productivity.

The most significant innovations proposed by GIESSE SRL and the advantages deriving to Users may be summarised as follows:

Machine for fancy yarns, electronic and modular:

  • Versatility of production
  • Working of different batches in the different sections of the machine
  • Easy use and change of lot
  • Energy saving

Unit for the formation of compact chenille:

  • Elimination of uncovered mechanical parts: pulleys and belts
  • Reduction of ventilation
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Electronic control of the rpm of the chenille formation system

Electronic machine for high-bulk two colour yarns:

  • High productivity
  • Easy use and change of lot
  • Working of different lots in the different sections of the machine
  • Increase in volume of same count yarn
  • Reduction of production discards
  • Energy saving

Modular electronic machine for chenille:

  • High quality and productivity
  • Working of different lots in the different sections of the machine
  • Easy use and change of lot
  • Energy saving

Photocell for quality control and yarn cleaning in the spin-winder and the winders for chenille:

  • Elimination of production discards
  • Improvement in yarn quality
  • Elimination of yarn cleaning passage on other machines

 Continuous steaming of chenille yarn: 

  • Maximum roundness and voluminosity of yarn
  • Ongoing process with constant quality
  • Reduced steam consumption
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